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Monday, July 14, 2014

MudBuddies are happy this week!

Our sales were great on Saturday.
We had fabulous weather, it may have gotten close to 80 by noon when we closed...but there were those great cool mountain breezes too.

More people came by our booth steadily than we often have.  It was great to see such interest in pottery.

Our member, Cathy came down with a cold, so I'm sending her some healing energy before she takes the duty next weekend with Pat.  Pat and I were working our booth for the last 2 weeks.  Being a co-op of 5 potters has meant we only each have to work about half the weekends of the summer.  Not bad.

I've had some disappointments from the kiln this week...glazes and more glazes that just let me down.  But it's all a learning opportunity, right?

Now I've got to work on paying my quarterly sales taxes.


  1. Great sales are one of best morale boosters around! Good for you and your Mudbuddies! Toes crossed that glaze problems are solved!

  2. Yay, it's always a great weekend when the show goes well.


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