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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lugging it around

OK, my blog buddy Gary Rith is taking off for a pottery show up in Ithica.  He reminded me of the fun of lugging pottery out for a show.
And my neighbor Sarah Vekasi is taking her pottery downtown to Asheville's Big Crafty show this weekend on Pack Square.

Is it really worth lugging all that weight from trunk and back of cars, carrying it and setting it up, then wrapping whatever doesn't sell and taking it back home again?

At the end of the day it makes me want to throw a pot...and I don't mean on the wheel.  I want to throw something and break it against a wall.

Why did I make it thinking it would be in someone else's hands someday, feeding them?  Why did I think that person unknown would have eyes that light up when they see it?  Oh I am a deluded potter.

But I keep on doing this...because almost every Saturday morning, someone does chose one of my functional pieces and go home with them.  They will either snuggle it into their lives, or give it to someone else with hope of it being appreciated.

The dream continues.  And what other exercise do I get anyway?  Well, the wheel going round under my hands with a lump of clay forming up into a shape that've got it.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope (if you're in the area) you'll visit my (and my co-op Mud Buddies) booth this Sat from 9-12 at the Tailgate Market in Black Mountain, NC. Fresh cut flowers, incredible fruits and vegetables at their peak, and many other crafts locally made!

  2. I feel the same way I can make more than I sell but then what do I do with my time, making it keeps me from going crazy with nothing to do but not selling it makes me crazy from not selling it, a vicious circle.

    1. The joy of seeing an idea brought forth, into a form...I think that's the creative impulse. I think we have the bug. There's got to be some way to give it away, perhaps.

  3. haha, well that photo is me with 100 pds raw clay, I wish that had only been 2 small boxes of pots! It is a lot of work but soooo fun too :)

    1. Gary, you are a he-man lugging all that clay! I don't even lift one box at a time, just barely can move a full bag! But I can center 5 pounds on a wheel, if that counts for anything!


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