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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Geometry approximati

 I like geometric shapes, but not mathematically accurate.  I never use patterns to cut my slab shapes.

They are approximations...I would say (more sounding like Latin that really being correct) approximati.

Or would it be approximates?

Anyway, the flat backs are something I'm having some issues with.  I tossed out a couple that had warped badly.  Maybe the raised shapes are the best idea.  Funny, that's what I started with, and I thought these could be more delicate.  Well, they certainly do require different handling.

I pressed the 2 sunshine shapes between wallboard for a couple of days, but their tips still wanted to curl.  Then I painted them with wax, hoping they would be less inclined to dry faster than the middles.  They've been under plastic for 2 days now.  So I shall go to the studio soon and see how they are doing.  (The plastic, rather than continuing the wallboard, is because I've now merged the pocket with the backing, and it's three dimensional.)


  1. i am not sure what you are making with these shapes ?

    1. wall hangings - of course these didn't work out...when the dry bottoms were scored and slipped and the almost dry pocket parts were attached, they split apart while drying last night. So I took em off and sanded down the attachment places and am going to fire them as flat shapes...which can then be decorated.


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