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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fluted bowls

Do you remember the bowl I kind of saved, that flopped a bit on the wheel?  See post here

well, both of the fluted bowls I threw the same time made it  through bisque and glaze kilns.
Here are the results.  They are 10 inches in diameter, about 3 inches high.  (And I don't know which one was the one which flopped any more).

This glaze looked like this when waiting to fire.

 And the one totally dipped into "Amber" glaze (picture above) came out looking like this...

Our studio Amber needs major stirring before dipping.  And if it's allowed to sit for a minute, it changes to dark chocolate for the next piece.  Strange stuff...but I am glad that this bowl looks the way Amber is intended to look.  All the streaks are from hand marks while it was being thrown and altered.  With the Little Loafers white clay, it really pops.


Yesterday was a coolish damp day at the Tailgate Market.  If it hadn't poured rain at 5:30 am, I dare say we would have had some wet pots.  It held off from 8 when we set up, till right when the market closed at noon, starting with a nice dainty we almost got everything packed away before it got wet.  If you've ever put a damp pop-up tent into a bag, you know you want to take it out to dry as soon as possible.  Even our little wood blocks we use to prop things on got pretty soaked...but that was probably because Cathy had them in the bed of her pickup when it rained.  The wood blocks are starting to grow things now.

My little Toyota carried all the pottery in the tupperware tubs...which I'll drive around with all week until next week's Tailgate market.  I have a sterling driving record, and don't go far most days, but mainly I can't haul those tubs in and out during the week.  So everyone has asked their favorite saints and guardians to watch out for their pots (and me) during the week.

Can't complain about that.


  1. How exciting! You have a new bowl design coming from potential disaster.....sometimes the magic works. The green is particularly spectacular. Love the way your glaze pops the swirl in the bottom.

    Pottery is heavy! Toes crossed for and extremely safe week!

  2. I love the bowls, especially the green one! (I'm a blue/green girl). The glaze is beautiful, not that I know much about glazes but I love the way it breaks a little. I have my fingers crossed for a safe week!


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