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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The bathroom project #1

I've been working on some soap dishes and little toothbrush stands for a local soap seller.

These are a couple with lots of holes, for other things besides brushes of course...and can either be hung on the wall or sit on a counter top.  I sold this one at the Tail Gate market yesterday.

The swoopy sided lace-embedded style, with raised logs for the soap to dry upon.

This is super size for super big soaps.

 a tray with a pretty lace imprint. 

This larger swoopy dish could be used as a jewelry tray, when ladies (or gentlemen) take off those earrings or rings.

There are at least 3 more colors I've made, but they haven't been fired yet.  So there will be a second posting of these little darlings.  Look for Mexico (turquoise) Eggshell, and Amber (chocolate) colors coming soon.

They've been waiting their tun for a week and a half.  But community studio means whatever has been there longest, or whatever fits, goes in the kiln first.


  1. Those are great I like the tooth brush holder you sold and what is that lavender color soap dish, I love that color. Oh and I like the two pots and glazes on the top bar

    1. We call it Black Mountain Blue...but I believe it's also given other "local" names. It's a nice solid color that doesn't change color when it breaks, just shows the clay color through thin places. That worked well on the white clay I used. (I don't think it looks that lavender in other lighting usually).


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