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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insomnia buster

My gratitude list - or what I am glad happened to me today.

Was able to get out of bed when I finally decided I couldn't sleep any more at 5:30.
Have air conditioner to turn on when it's too darn hot, even when I wake up.
Could walk to the bathroom.
Had drinkable running water to make coffee with.
Had coffee to drip the boiling water over, (as well as disposable paper filter).
Had a microwave that boiled the water.
Had electricity to run the microwave.
Had a computer to use same electricity to run it.
Have a connection that links me to the internet.
Know how to type.
Have fingers to type, mostly.
Have a chair to sit on to type.
Know how to log onto the internet
Have friends who email me every day to share their lives with me.
Know how to follow about 10 programs in minimal ways which are useful to me.
Have comics on line to bring chuckles into my morning.
Had food to eat for breakfast.
Had clothes to wear as well as flip flops.
Had a shower with warm and cold waterr.
Had soap.
Had some medications to take that help reduce discomforts and may prolong my life.
Have a house to walk out of with a door that locks.
Have a couple of cats that run my life.
Have a car that works and I don't have to make payments to a bank to run it.
Have gas to run the car that I can usually afford to pay for.
Have a reliable mechanic who fixes the car whenever it decides not to run anyway.
Had a place to take my pottery to sell to others.
Was able to unload the car by myself.
Had a chair to sit in to recuperate while I waited for my friend.
Had a friend to help set up our sales area.
Had help when I got confused and set up our sales in the wrong patch of ground.
Had something to sell (pottery).
Had the ability, supplies and opportunity to make pottery.
Had sunshine and no rain today.
Had cool breezes that dried the sweat from scalp to toes.
Had people kindly look at my pottery over 3 hours time.
Had some people actually buy my pottery.
Had pottery of my co-op friends to sell.
Had a friend there to talk with when there weren't any people interested in pottery.
Had someone to make plans for future sales, gallery exhibits, visions of possible lifestyle changes when I am an established artist, and support for the depressed feelings as I deal with my real lifestyle.
Was able to get through town traffic without too much of a snarl.
Have a community studio which was open for a while today.
Was in time to do some final touch ups on some pottery waiting to be fired.
Have friends who I see and talk with occasionally.
Have family who I hear from and talk with occasionally.
Have an environment in which to live which is moderately healthy.
Had that air conditioned home to come back to where I collapsed.
Had a bed to crawl into when I needed sleep.
Had people who I don't even know make comments about things I've posted on my blog, about either my pottery, my inner thoughts, or research I've done on topics I'm interested in.
Have blogs of people I don't even know to read with their thoughts, their adventures, and their pottery.

And now I'm going to put my mind and fingers to rest, and keep thinking of all I'm grateful for while falling asleep. 


  1. Wonderful post Barb! Face've got it all and more! :)

    1. I really did fall asleep easily after listing all my blessings. It works!

  2. Barbara, I keep a gratitude journal, too. It really does help and I'm happy it works for you, too! And, thanks for coming over and leaving a comment on my blog.

    Wishing you lots of blessings...Victoria

  3. I love your attitude of gratitude list, Barb. I hope that you enjoy your time off. Take care,

    Kathy M.


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