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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re-juvinating a bowl failure

An o.k. shape, but that little foot and sudden horizontal flair weren't intended, and threaten a collapse, I'm thinking.

I really need to get rid of that donut hole problem but decide to work on flairing the rim instead, for some crazy reason or another.

Hey, look what happened?  It just folded over, not evenly, but not cracking off either.  I gently took it off the wheel and sat it outside in the sun to dry up a bit.

Now to do something with ribbing off any moisture remaining, and reforming this idiot bowl, if possible.

Yes, with a few very slow and patient tries, I've got the rim back where it belongs, and the bottom slant is more like it should be, kind of a 45 degree angle rather than all the way over horizontal.

So the final piece should be left alone, right?  Nah, I know that clay remembers everywhere it's been, and tends to want to go back there.  So I think, I'll just change it enough that it will have some resistance to falling back into either of the not so good shapes it had.

I take my big rib and push in on the outside, while my left hand fingers flow up along the pushed area on the inside.

And here's a fluted bowl.  I hope it makes it.  Yesterday's bowl was pretty much the same end effect, without quite the drama!


  1. Impressive! In the end it's a beautiful bowl and so unique!! I have to say that my knowledge of throwing, etc. is really very limited, but I have found that letting my pieces sit a bit to dry, allows me to throw dry and really alter them. I love that. I made a first...and threw the body basically round..but after sitting I was able to shape it so nicely! Lovely work as usual Barb!

  2. Thanks Brenda, I've done a few teapots, but usually leave them round. Now I've got to look at your blog to see your teapot that was "shaped" into "so nicely." Wonder what it was, and did I already see it? I'll maybe remember when I see it. I hope you posted it.

  3. What fun to see the evolution of form!


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