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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

chip off the old pot

Today's lesson.

Don't put one of your favorite sculpted and perfectly glazed bowls on the floor with the cat's water.  It may be nice to see it used regularly.  But you will probably drop a clunky not so great bowl on the edge of it and chip the edge, and that's all she wrote.  Now your favorite bowl will always be the cat's water bowl.  See how that works out for you?

So that's how I did it.  A beautifully finished work became junk.

I've got lots of that.

I will not identify with it.

I can let go of it, just let the wind take it away...another thing that's just another thing.

I'm settling back into my own skin.  That's how I feel putzing around my home after catching up on whatever happens to me when I travel.  I've explained it that part of my etheric being (or some other name as you chose) strings out behind me as I zoom whatever speed.  And it takes a while for all that "rest of me" to catch back up and settle into my skin again.

The other thing is the sight and smell of familiar things.  And the wish to catch up on un-done projects.  Oh my yes, do I have a few of those!  

So, much as I wish to be creative (which is my main energy source in life) I've decided to work on the maintenance of things for a while.  This is so rare for me, I usually ignore the call, toss a few things into a trash bag and call it done.  Not so this time. 

I'm wanting to actually change the environment so it could be more welcoming to others.  I'm wanting to showcase my pottery that I am proud of (see the cat bowl fiasco above) and throw out the ones I can only see as potentials.  The potentials mean that the idea had potential.  The execution of the idea failed.

That's so hard for me to accept.  Yep, an idea can fail in execution, but the idea is still good.  And the potter/artist is still quite capable.  I just didn't quite get that one right.  Boy is this a tough thing for me to feel ok about.

That's because I'm not a professional.

I am having a migraine right now (mine are the blinding shimmering lights kind, so I can't see what I'm typing very well).

 So will maybe add some pictures later.  If I never did, sorry about that.  Lessons are sometimes easy, sometimes hard, and lots of times just plain missed completely till the next time.

1 comment:

  1. you will be proud of me...i did pottery monday night...smiles...on a spinning wheel no less...not just painting it but making it....with my 8 year old niece...i took her out on a 'date' while she was visiting and that is what she wanted to do...

    hope the migraine feels better...


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