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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Electricity problems solved

Yes pretty roses, but my eye also sees a cable. After a power outage the other night during the thunderstorm, to the other half of my building, there appeared this lovely trio of cables snaking along the ground from the transformer... my end of the building (a new transformer [big green box] was put in place as part of the renovations after I moved here in 2015)  ...and then...

...I'm not sure what's happening in there behind the bushes, but that's where the electric box panels are on the exterior wall, feeding the 4 apartments at the other end of the building.

The four apartments at my end of the building never lost electricity...meaning 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs.

I was contacted by our power company and later by the maintenance man, to see if I'd lost power. Later they texted me if it had been restored, though I'd been fine all along.  I felt bad because there's a tenant who uses a wheel chair downstairs in that part of the building.  It was several hours before this "repair" was devised, whatever it is.  And of course it may have started at 5 pm but it was full dark before the final "text" from the power company came through.

My front porch, with cable running across under the steps

Incidentally, my personal account of the storm was that I had been awakened from a nap by a strike of thunder, well before the rain started, around 4:30.  I had been using my C-Pap to help me breathe while asleep, which is electrically run, so I would definitely have noticed if the power went off!  I'm not really sure which day this was, they are all running together while I stay home and recuperate.

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  1. I sat with my neighbors for a while last night, and found the storm had been Friday, and it was after 11 before the "temporary" fix happened. I also found out that the gentleman in a wheelchair is off at rehab or something, so wasn't affected by the outage. The permanent fix will need to be digging up the cement, according to the neighbors. One of them lost her clock radio, a fan, and apparently her oven. I'm so fortunate that all my electronic things are ok.


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