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Monday, July 17, 2017

Bells and pitcher

 A Million Bells, flowering through the summertime in a hanging planter

A medium pitcher waiting for new owner.  5" tall, $25


  1. Lovely flowers and pitcher. I hope that you are starting to feel better.

  2. Love this pitcher, am still trying to work out the logistics of acquiring some of your fabulous mugs and having them shipped to Canada. Perhaps a pitcher also?

    1. Hi Cate, I couldn't get the link to your email to work from your blog. You can contact me at blackmtnbarb AT gmail DOT com. I've not tried the shipping prices to Canada, but with half price share of shipping for July, it shouldn't be too much (??) I can either take credit card, or just ask for a personal check after I ship, so you'll know the exact amount your share would be. Thanks for your interest!


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