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Monday, January 23, 2017

Only 3 million in Women's Marches?

That's the estimate given on the evening news on Saturday following the marches for Women's and all Rights which have been threatened by the new president and his staff.

London England

Los Angeles, CA

Mexico City
Marseilles, France
Lisbon, Portugal

Nancy Poling (author, of Black Mountain) in Charlotte, NC
Nashville, TN
New Deli, India
New York City
Oslo, Norway
Sundance Film Festival
Asheville, NC
Sea of Pussy Hats in Washington, DC
Early estimates:

Washington DC 500,000
LA 500,000 +
NYC 300,000 +
Chicago 250,000
Denver 200,000
Seattle 150,000
Boston 125,000
Madison Wi 100,000
Portland 100,000
Atlanta 60,000
Austin 50,000
Philadelphia 50,000
Raleigh 18,000
Des Moines 26,000
Pittsburgh 25,000
San Diego 22,000
Nashville 20,000
Santa Ana 20,000
St Petersburg 17,000
Cleveland 15,000
Oklahoma City 12,000 +
Kansas City,MO 10,000
Charlotte 10,000
Ithaca 10,000
Greensboro 8,000
Montpelier VT 8,000 + (pop 10,000 many I 89 exits shut down)
Asheville 10,000
Albuquerque 10,000
Tallahassee 10,000+
West Palm Beach 7,000
Orlando 6,000
Tucson 5,000
Trenton 5,000
Athens Ga 4500
Doylestown, PA 2,000.
Hillsborough (my town!) 2000
Harrisburg PA 1,100
Jonesborough TN 1000+
Saskatoon 800-1000 (pop 260k)
Palmer AK 800
Murray KY 700
Black Mt NC 400
Morganton NC 500
Houghton / Hancock Michigan: 300+
and on and on and on.and the whole world. wow.
  by Lynn Blakely

By 10 pm, there were high numbers, but not all cities/towns counted.  I'm happy with 3 million, but I dare say a lot who stayed home also supported this effort.

I've got a couple dozen more photos, and many of my that will be tomorrow's post.

Today's Quote:

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. — Dale Carnegie


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