Saturday, January 7, 2017

New wheels

It's been 16 years since I bought my last car.
I dearly loved the 100,000 miles I sat behind the wheel in it!

But a 20 year old Toyota Corolla, even with only 2 old women owners, sometimes needs to be replaced.

So now I'm going to be happily driving a 2004 Toyota Echo. And a friend and her mother were the only owners...if that helps in any way. My friend named it Grey Hawk, which seems appropriate.  My mechanic also looked it over.  He found only that there was some rust on the bottom of it.

I can't see through the drivers side rear-view mirror for some reason.  Everyone else seems to be able to.  So I went to my eye doctor, who said my glasses are just a bit scratched, and my prescription is still about the same, so I really don't need new glasses.  The mirror problem may be because of the scratches.

My answer is to get a little bullseye mirror and attach it over the one that gives me difficulty.  I'll be going to an auto supply place soon to see about that.

Not going anywhere today.  We just had our first snow of 2017, and the roads promise to be icy till Monday with freezing weather. Photos taken around 5 pm on Fri. Jan. 6.

Today's quote:

You’re not going to find time, you have to make time.”  Tim Ferriss. Writer / Entrepreneur.

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  1. Time to sty inside and let the world go by. :)


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