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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day tripping

The fun of living in western North Carolina is that day trips are so available and varied.
This day takes my friend and myself to Saluda and Tyron, NC.

We enjoyed our favorite gallery in Saluda...Heartwood.

They have the best pottery that we saw that day.  As well as other crafts, all American made.

I discovered gorgeous glazes on Peter Karner's pottery.  So exquisite!

It's worth the trip just to spend an hour browsing there!  And then we had lunch a few doors down at the Purple Onion.  It was busy, but not too crowded.  This restaurant knows how to fix a delicious lunch.

Next stop, Tryon NC.  It is on the border with South Carolina, and also a town with a train track running through it.

It is larger (at least by the downtown area) than Saluda.  I was expecting horses, since I'd heard that as the way people talk about it.  Didn't see any live ones.

But this was the last week of December, so perhaps everyone was doing what we were, just going out to a place they'd like to explore.  These photos were posted on a hallway into a little bakery where we had coffee and pastries.

We looked for galleries, and found some were closed, and none that had pottery that would have been of my choosing.

I was more interested in the architecture of this gallery, a former pharmacy, with the tin ceiling restored.

And we did see this lovely horse right in the middle of town!

I'm including this in Sepia Saturday's listings this week, after all, there were lots of old photos on that wall, and the street scenes remind me of the prompt photo. I admit my clicking on an iPhone is nowhere near the amount of work this gentleman must have gone to to create his portraits (if that's what he is showing.)  FYI, when you click the Sepia Saturday link, go to the bottom where various person's names give links to their blogs to see many other interesting and diverse posts!

Today's quote:

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”
- Jayson Gaignard, Entrepreneur


  1. I enjoyed this day trip and that amazing painted horse. I love going to towns that have painted "mascots." In nearby Norfolk it's mermaids; in Smithfield it's pigs; in the Outer Banks, horses; in Sedona, Arizona it's javelinas. One of my favorite pieces of pottery came from a gallery in Maggie Valley. I've always meant to look for more.

    1. yes, keep adding pottery to your collections! If I'm not making it, I'm buying it to support other potters! My home if full of it!

  2. What a fun day. We have few towns with individual character left in
    our never-ending urban sprawl in S. California. You inspire me however
    to visit some of the near-by museums and attractions. That horse
    is amazing.

    1. Great idea Helen...enjoy the various things tourists come to town to see. There must be something to it!

  3. I enjoyed your travelogue and it reminded me that there can be fascinating places on our doorstep that we should make time to explore.

    1. Time, yes, set some aside to enjoy life! And take a friend with you so you can talk about things while doing so!

  4. That painted model horse is amazing, but I wonder where I'd put it? :)

  5. Quite a field trip with Pooh's useful pots and the Wizard of Oz's horse of a different color!

  6. And of course, taking photographs and sharing them far and wide is so simple compared with what it used to be. Saluda and Tryon look like interesting towns to visit, and your photos are the only way I'm ever likely to 'see' them.

  7. Great to weave some sepia into what is a very colourful post. It’s amazing how many venues display these old images these days.

  8. There were plenty of old photographs, but the theme also centred around the camera so it was perfectly legitimate to have new photos as well as old ones. Anyway, it was a joy to look at the pictures - particularly that fabulous horse.


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