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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A global movement

I was thrilled to be one of the 300-400 people who marched for Women's Rights (as well as all others) on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

What if you suddenly met someone from Mars who had no idea what the pink hats meant, nor why women were marching today? I had the honor of meeting a woman who said just that! I got to explain "pussyhats" which reflected on women's rights being disrespected in so many ways by our new president as well as the need to stand against his racist, anti-environmental, and homophobic views and actions. The marches speak not just against him but for the powers of women, immigrants, the earth, LGBTs, reproductive choices, health care, and where we want to have this power recognized. I hope she stayed for the march. The unfortunate sound system left more than half of the 400-500 marchers not hearing the great speeches!

The woman who knew nothing about the Women's March, on far left.  To right is our little black bear statue at Town Center of Black Mountain, NC (wearing a pink "pussy hat.")

As I was sharing my photos for my friends on Facebook, I started to have my mouth drop open.  This was not just a few thousand people in Asheville NC, our nearest metropolis, but many more thousand in Washington, DC. And it was many more thousand all over the world!  No kidding.  I'm sharing some of these photos here.
 Many are courtesy of NY Times photographers.  Some are by myself and my friends more locally!

Black Mountain Town Center park, looking towards south at intersection of State St. and Montreat Rd.

The beginning of our march in Black Mountain, where we calmly stayed on the sidewalk, while the police stopped cross traffic.

Aukland, NZ
Bangkok, Thailand

Barbara Gilson in Mogantown, NC
Barcelona, Spain
Bogota, Columbia

And lest you think I'm going to share just photos of small groups, here's the march in Chicago, IL
Accra, Ghana
Helsinki, Finland

Columbia, SC
Concord, NH

 Today's Quote:

We were made for these times.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
 I have many other photos, which I'll share tomorrow, don't you think this was enough for today?


  1. What a thrilling sight this is! I could not march, but my son marched with his wife in Indianapolis. Such power and unity. Hooray for all these people who gathered in person and in spirit. And for knitting groups all over American making and contributing hats! I understand it's very hard to find any hot pink yarn in stores today.

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for walking. Those of us who couldn't be there love that you walked for all of us.

  3. I loved that there were marches everywhere. Women rock!

  4. What an amazing day! Thank you for marching for all of us.


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