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Friday, December 9, 2016


My first experience with snow, Dallas Texas, Feb 10, 1946 age 3!
My little sister was born Feb 3, 1946, so she was probably inside with mom, while Dad took my pic with my friend Doogie.

Then a group of cousins enjoying snow in Houston, TX, early in 1949.
Cousin Claudette, myself, little sis and cousin, Sandra, at Gummy and Poppy's home in Houston

My St. Louis years are full of snow in wintertime. Some of the time I got to play in it.
When all St. Louis had coal furnaces, you had to get up early and play before the drops of coal ash fell everywhere and turned the snow speckled and grey.
Myself on left, then Mom, then little sis

I think this was earlier than 53, probably our first sleigh ride in 50 or so. You need to salute my mom for going down the hill far enough in boots and heels (I think that's all she ever wore) to take the pic!

Visiting Principia College in Elsah IL probably 1950. My sister and I both attended 3 years there, beginning about 10 years later than this photo.

Our apartment on the 2nd floor, 5530 Cates Ave, St. Louis MO (building no longer standing)
My dad was the chief snow shoveller. He also kept the car running, and fixed anything around the house, as well as sat at a desk 40 hours a week.

Our home in St. Ann, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, with little sis
Me and one snowman with Dad's hat and sister's scarf!
This week's Sepia Saturday  suggestion has a snow woman.

Hey, I may not have put a binkini on mine, because I probably had never seen one at 13 or 14 years of age...but I did make a snow woman way back then (1956-7) Unfortunately the picture of her, sitting in a rocking chair by the way, hasn't been found. She was outside for a few days before a thaw.

 Today's quote:

Every morning is like a new reincarnation into this world. Let us take it then for what it is and live each moment anew.
Paul Brunton


  1. Great snow pix. I wish you could have found the one of your snowwoman sitting in a rocking chair. Sure would have loved to see that. Very creative of you!

    1. I'll probably find that pic in August! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love all these pictures. Beautiful apartment building - sorry it is no longer standing. And that table in the first photo looks to be wood, too nice to be outside in the snow. It must have been old and rundown even then, do you suppose?

    1. I thought the same thing. But it's possible the old table was a potting table for my mom, as she did have a green thumb!

  3. You are clearly accustomed to seeing plenty of snow! Does it cause traffic chaos, or do the authorities have everythung under control?

  4. I'd give an eyetooth to see the snowlady in the rocker -- and I'm with Wendy on the apartment building; it's just lovely, and I'm sorry it no longer stands.

  5. Fabulous photos and what wonderful memories! I think the sled one is my favorite. Did your Dad go down the hill on the sled with you?

  6. Great photos. The photo of your mom in those short booties in all that snow reminds me of similar boots that my grandmother wore in a few photos in winter Quebec! You would think in that environment she would have worn something more practical. But in the 40s I guess it was all about being a lady.

  7. A cool collection! I took a tour of your Cates Ave. address via Google Streetview and was surprised that so much of the neighborhood has been razed. The house reminded me of a place I once knew.

  8. Lovely snowy pictures and memories. We are of a similar age, yet no photographs exist of my childhood in winter - cameras just seemed to be reserved for summer use. How times have changed, when we now have so many ways to take photographs on every possible occasion.

  9. Wonderful snapshots. And I love that apartment building. It has real character. As does your elegantly dressed snowman.

  10. I enjoyed your descriptions as well as these photos which must evoke some wonderful memories for you. The first one made me smile even more as I have a video of when my twin grandchildren first saw snow, and loved clearing it from the outside table.


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