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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Myths from bone memory

 Ah, finding someone who speaks truth. These days, no less!

Be quiet and listen.
Then act.

Memories are either skin, flesh, or bone memories, as explained HERE, Trailing the Gods Back Home by Dr. Martin Shaw.

Being published fall 2016.

I've just discovered a great myth and earth spokesperson. So I'm sharing with you what Martin Shaw has to say.
It's profound, to me at least.

(Cover above and he's interviewed about it by the link)

I also follow a great blogger, Terri Windling, at Myth and Moor HERE. 

And for art of the same feeling of animals and art and wildness, I love Jackie Morris, Artist who blogs Here.

And my friend Ms. Byron Ballard, who lives closer to home in Asheville, NC, has her own blog about many things...Appalachia, Wicca, Tarot, goddesses, politics, etc!  Her Blog is HERE.

Today's Quote:
"Many animals are secretly the bone-white moon. Sometimes the moon comes down in disguise and wanders the world as an animal, usually a deer.  So I'm always aware, when I'm trailing an idea, it may be a god in disguise."
Dr. Martin Shaw in interview "Trailing the Gods Back Home." (link above)


  1. Thanks; I always enjoy exploring new blogs.

  2. Barbara -- Your offerings of books, quotes, and bloggers is certainly appreciated as I write this to you. I feel that I need new brain material. I've been travelling as you might know and have been reading many of my books that are old goodies -- basically when I need a rest and the weather is not so good. But now you introduced some new reading material on your blog today -- plan to find a few of those mentioned. -- Have a nice holiday -- barbara

  3. Barbara -- You might be getting two responses from me about your blog. Some way I think I deleted my comment to you -- I think? I watched the video Scatterling by Martin Shaw. Needing some new material to read -- I ordered it off Amazon. I believe his book is exactly how I feel as I walk about on this earth. Thank you for mentioning it. Peace to you -- barbara


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