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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hibernating, not dead

I shared last week about the new life of little fish (Guppies) in my aquarium. They are so silly and fun to watch, while if they should escape to the adult side of the tank, those ravenous cannibals would eat them up in a flash.  Different species behave differently with their young! (However, almost every time I look at the aquarium, there's another lone baby hiding on the adult side of the tank. It means they have discovered an escape route, or possibly more are being born and I justh happen to see one that's survived every couple of hours.  Which do you think is likely?)

Other new life is all around me though.  But some is hiding still in it's sleeping forms.

The acorns sure need to be caught up by a squirrel and buried in a much better place where they might sprout.

Do you recognize this tree's seed pod?  I'm thinking sycamore.

I know you've seen many other seeds from trees and plants when you're walking around.  What's a pine cone after all?

These represent the promise of the plants survival into the future.  They contain life.

Today's quote:

There is no large and difficult task that can’t be divided into little easy tasks.
Buddhist Saying

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