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Friday, May 15, 2015

Yard sale - the before

If you've ever had a yard sale/garage sale/jumble know that planning and gathering stuff in advance takes a few days.

I'm also aware that I have to pace myself so I don't overdo...which leads to bed.  I need to get through this, and a bit of self discipline is called for.  My character flaw, if you will, is a desire to plunge in at about 300% energy, and then go to bed afterward.  But now days I have to go slower so I at least get to where I want to go.

My living room and studio are wall to wall with bins of stuff, furniture and new "old" treasures donated by other families, and of course the seconds of pottery...which aren't damaged or unusable, but older pieces mainly that have been on the shelf for a while.

Let me take you on a tour.

30 gal aquarium
Includes wrought iron stand, but not stereo or smaller aquarium

Table on left goes, table on right stays
Coffee table, pressure cooker, TV, quilt, etc etc.

Well, that's all I have time for now...since I haven't put prices on these pots...and that requires a bit of thought.

I also want to downsize my that I don't take up 90% of the floor space with a queen size bed.  I'd be happy in a twin, or maybe a double.  So I'm hoping some lovely young folks will want the well made used bed frame (head and foot with wood dowel design) and an extra pair of legs in the middle for extra support!


  1. every week we are downsizing at the trash to treasures sale, so much work for not too much money but every little bit helps.

    1. I realize it sounds strange for me to give up a nice big bed...and lots of people figure I really should save it in case the right guy comes along. Ha. If he does, he can buy a new big bed again. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. Now why would I want to do that ? Joking!

  3. That's a beautiful bed. You're goin to feel so much better with less stuff in your house and more stuff in your wallet.

    1. One person looked at the bed at least...we discussed price. Mmm. I took my nap in it after the sale!

  4. I have never done a yard sale because of the tremendous amount of work involved. Good luck.

    1. It wasn't that bad, just 2 days of my life in exchange for about a 30% reduction of stuff...and the remainder is still in tubs for easy storage/sorting or the next sale. Another friend wants to join me next month. I hope the weather is as good as it was this morning.


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