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Monday, May 25, 2015

Trail choices

There are a lot of trails in Montreat.  Highway 9 north from Black Mountain leads into this little village, and then you have to go back out the same way...because it's the deadend!

Right after arriving at the stone gateway to the town, a parking lot on the right is the site of this map, and once you cross the little bridge over Flat Creek, you've got several choices of trails.

Elizabeth Trail runs above the creek to the left, up into the area of the village.

It's a relatively easy trail, which includes looking down on the town's homes

And here is where trail signage loses me...the arrow yes, but what's that above it?

A serious hiker went in this direction...and later I went down this road to see what it led to...

There were all kind of heavy equipment, chippers...

snow plow attachments...

 And trail signs by the big dump truck.

What do the 2 hiker silhouettes mean anyway?

Sorry the signs are out of focus...something about wintertime in the protected sleeve.

And there behind the truck is the trail to Rainbow Mountain.  At least I think that's what the tiny symbol meant.

There's an actual ford across the creek, which is how the trucking equipment gets over to the Highway 9, or Montreat Rd.

Why haven't I shared pictures of the trails myself? Well, my hiking days are over due to breathing limitations. I can travel from car for short distances on level terrain these days.


  1. Trails are wonderful in woodland areas. Looks like they maintain them well in the winter with all that equipment. The signage does sound a bit confusing though. Nice sharing your walk with you -- thanks -- barbara

    1. Hi Barbara...I think the maintenance gear is all for the town winter or summer, and is just stored on the old logging road where the trails take off...there's also a big pile of shredded trees used as mulch for the gardens alongside the creek...and I imagine in other areas like the parks in Montreat, as well.


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