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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tailgate Market TODAY

DETAILS: Black Mountain Tailgate Market
9 am -12 noon
located in field behind First Baptist Church
corner of Montreat Rd and 1st St,
Black Mountain, NC
Each Saturday until October 31, 2015

First one of the season.

The Mud Buddies are opening up their booth, sorting through the tubs of pots, and setting up their display.  What kind of new things will they have?
Marsha Cozart?
Pat Levi?
Cathy Babula?
Bette Potter Jones?
and myself?

Well, here's one piece that will be there, and hopefully I won't bring it back home.

Seahorse tumbler - $12


  1. love the seahorse, if you bring it home save it for me; I'd love to purchase it

    1. One seahorse is for you, and you alone, Linda. I didn't have a single sale. But I had a great time...saw lots of old friends, and the weather was beautiful.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michele...I had a fun time, but no sales. Saw old buddies and sat in the sunshine.

  3. I hope your sales went well. I like the tumbler and I bet you did sell it.

    1. I wish my value system which says friendship, love, good weather, connecting in a community, expressing yourself in art, etc...would pay the bills. Definitely had a fun day though!


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