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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beauty around the lake

It's heavy pollen season here these days. Achoo!

That dusty-colored cloud is pollen floating on top of the water.

The fountain is back though there are now no trees on the dam

Lots of views from the dam at least, the Seven Sisters Mountains, including Tomahawk

Lakeside of dam
Walk across the dam and see grass on each side...which was not the plan

I don't think the beautification committee will do much here this year...even the picnic tables are gone
Back near the Lakeview Center and the poolhouse, the Veterans Memorial now has a gateway

Alas, the brilliant red of the roses turned pink (at least in my eyes) through my camera

Rhododendrons look good 
Quote for today:

There is an undercurrent of energy thrumming through the Universe. Like the wind or a whisper, we can sometimes hear it and often feel it. Most of the time, we sense this energy unconsciously without any tangible proof it is really there. Thoughts, emotions, and the life force in all living things are forms of this kind of energy. So are creativity, growth, and change. The impressions, images, and vague premonitions we get about people and situations are other examples of formless energy.  Madisyn Taylor


  1. No crowds, just beauty -- my kind of place. -- barbara

    1. There are crowds on the weekends, and at times lots of dog walkers...which might be why there were no other geese around.

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly is, and I don't take the time to go over there as often as I should.

  3. Lovely post, Barb! Really nice photos.

    1. Thanks Mona, I've enjoyed just carrying an iPhone and clicking simple pics like this.

  4. that is a lot of pollen, but a beautiful place to take a walk

  5. It looks like a streamlined park now. Pollen like that is better in the water than in the air. Your rose shots are so great to see.

  6. Well look at that, your fountain and mine do look very similar. A beautiful park you have your way too. And gorgeous flowers :)


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