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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moon dancer plate

I tried slip trailing onto leather hard clay, and the slip trailer kept getting clogged up with clay.  I guess I've gotten used to a technique that works on bisque-ware.  I do love Mayco Stroke n' Coat glazes for the detail work, but it's a pain to put 3 coats on of each color.  I probably will limit the amount of color I least the Stroke n' Coat colors.


  1. beautiful, what are you using for your black lines, they look so thin

  2. The new Mayco Designer Liners give the great little thin lines. But other slip trailers have had those tiny metal tops available as case you wanted to just pop it onto another kind of slip. They give nice thin lines don't they!

  3. I hadn't heard of the Mayco designer liners, will have to check them out. thanks. I've seen some folks on their blogs using those slip trailers with the metal tops and I may have one in my piles of stuff will have to look thanks so much.


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