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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Computer and slip trailing

OK, I won't rant at ya...just know I'm among the many out there with computer woes today.

Upgrades always leave us worse off, so why do we do them?  I took 4 months before I finally did it, and I'm SORRY.

Slip new pens...tried them with fantastic results.  THen got a new "matt clear" to put on top of things.  Not at all matt.  And I think it's why one of the slip trailers messed up.

In case you haven't noticed, all the heavy lines look like crayons that melted.

Spectrum underglaze black, which worked fine on my first plate (see header, some of the heavy lines on the plate are that and some are Raised Black, but with our studio clear shiny glaze.)

All the heavy lines on this new piece are the underglaze black, and the clear is all the  Matt (ha ha ha) clear.

They were both fired on the same schedule as well.

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