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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Black-Eyed Susans

One of my favorite wild-flowers, the Black-eyed Susans are so reverse in color from cultivated flowers.  The yellow isn't in the center, but a nice dark brown/black which somehow also attracts the insects to pollinate them.

So here're my first paintings on a couple of vases.  It will be another week before they get in a glaze kiln at the community studio however.  So the "after" will be really "after!"

After the three coats of Mayco Stroke & Coat "Dandilion Yellow", I left the flowers bare this time.  Usually I apply a coat of clear.

Before dipping into the Black Mountain Blue glaze, I painted wax over flowers and stems and there will be some bare clay where leaves/stems are.  The blue glaze is a nice soft "true blue" that should accentuate the yellow flowers.  We shall see...


  1. Barbara-- looking forward to seeing how your Black-eyed Susans artistry turns out. I am totally ignorant how all this glazing etc. works. -- barbara

  2. I love black-eyed susan's, I had a lot of them around my house in Wilton, NH. Don't seem to see too many around Seagrove, NC.
    Look forward to seeing your new pots finished.

  3. mine are just getting ready to bloom, can't wait to see these after firing


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