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Monday, May 16, 2016

It's a Process!

Glazing with tiny pointed bottles of glaze (Designer Liner from Mayco) or brushes of glaze (Stroke & Coat from Mayco) is all about process.

My home has great light (if a bit shaded green this time of year) for painting.

I'm trying some new designs, so roughed out the idea on the pot with a pen (a pencil would also do well.)

I quickly found that I couldn't pull the lines perfectly straight.  So the wiggle is incorporated into the design.  That's what makes it art!

 Painting three coats of Stroke and Coat is a pain, and I usually end up just doing 2 heavy ones.

Fortunately the liner shows through most of the Stroke N Coat glazes, I've found by experience.

Then I lightly brush on two thin coats of Matte Clear Glaze (also by Mayco).  If I get too much of the clear bunched up by any of the line work, I've found it can make it blur. (Sometimes this is a good thing.)

I pour some white satin glaze into the interior at the Black Mountain Clay Studio, and dip the top edge also in it.  Then as soon as it's dry I dip the edge just barely into Plum.  That will probably cause some drippy-ness along the top edge, which is planned.

Come back tomorrow to see the finished product.   It's all a process!

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  1. it is a process isn't it, nice you can work at home too


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