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Monday, May 23, 2016

Barb's Birds and Bees Part Two

Some places the glaze was too thin.
Some places the glaze was too thick.

I'm not very happy about this one.  I think all that time and work gives me only the satisfaction of knowing how to change the next one.  And if I don't take a hammer to it, it will be at most a "second."

Using regular glaze for the nutmeg brown, rather than stroke and coat, I made it too thin and too blobby on both the inside and exterior birds.  The ones inside got gobbled up by the blue thick glaze, including at least one which lost its head!


  1. I know what you mean about learning how to do it better next time, but it still looks pretty sweet!

  2. This still delightful. You should put this away for a while before you do anything with it. Personally I would keep it so I could measure progress. My firsts of series are almost always seconds.
    Do more; I am loving the birds soaring above the clouds and that little bird on the exterior!

  3. I agree with smartcat, keep so you can look back on it. I think it's still a sweet bowl and I definitely wouldn't give it the hammer.

  4. Love the design, especially the interior!


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