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Friday, March 25, 2016

Children playing

Rare snow fall in Dallas, TX, Feb 15, 1946. Barb and a neighbor see what snowballs really are.  My baby sister, Mary was just a week old when this picture was taken!
What children do to entertain themselves...from a photo over on Sepia Saturday.

Boys playing marbles early 40s
The  link here goes over to Sepia Saturday

Most of the things children did when I was growing up didn't include having our pictures taken.  When a camera was brought out in those days, it was usually for an event.

 My 3 year old sister was caught in a sunsuit in our Houston backyard.

Front row, Barbara, Mary, Daddy, back row, Claudette, Sandra.
Summer of 1953 my cousins from Texas visited us where we'd moved to St. Louis.  Whose birthday was it?  I have an August birthday, so probably was celebrating my 11th.  I imagine we were picnicking in Forest Park.  And if you look close you'll see my still favorite box of crackers in the foreground.  In a day before plastic grocery bags, we carried things in paper bags, and that great cake carrier on the lower right corner.

 As an adult I made sure my Floridian sons learned some engineering techniques for sand castles.  Here Russ and Tai are at work on Cumberland Island, GA on one of our vacations.

Barb making sure the next generation knows how she makes sand castles.  Grandson William is hard at work, while Cayenne (on right) may have been tasting the seashells.

Hope you have a great day today!


  1. Brings back so many memories of my own. I think we had the same type cake carrier. And we loved picnics. Those were the good ole days for certain. Days when we ran free-range all summer long, barefoot and sunburned.

  2. Love the beach. Love picnics. Need to go more often.

  3. One almost forgets the pure joy of play - it matters not whether it is snow, water or sand. Computer games are all very well - but you can't beat a sandcastle.

  4. Picnics used to be such an event! I remember my family's big wicker picnic basket would be filled to the brim with everything but the kitchen sink.

  5. Love those mini snowmen you made on the table! Your photos remind us that children are happy playing in just the natural environment just using their imagination, no equipment or fancy toys needed.

  6. Glad we have photos to go back to support our memories. Yours are so lovely. Yes, those paper bags were so much better than the plastic mess we have now. At least some are biodegradable, back to where they came from.

  7. We didn't have so many choices of things to play with as the kids today have. We had to use our imaginations & make fun things out of practically nothing - and we did, too! :)

  8. These are lovely photos and as for that flowery cake-box, what a treasure. I've just bought one for my simnel cake but it's rather plain and uninteresting by comparison.

  9. Oh my Cheez-Its! My best friend and I had a Cheez-Its song we sang all the time. Not much of a melody or words. In fact all I can remember was "Cheez-Its man." It was our kid beatnik period and we'd accompany ourselves by beating on the box.

  10. You made a good point. I guess we didn't take many pictures except on special occasions either because developing pictures seemed very expensive.


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