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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The blues on pots

Yes, I don't make everything with a butterfly or ladybug.
Or purple.

But while starting a line of blue things, I did play with some monarchs.  Just forgot to take most of their pictures, except the big green mugs.

Some little blue plates just went away in a flash.  Guess I planned that at $20 per.  Next batch will be a bit more expensive, I'm thinking.  The painting of bugs does take extra time after all, rather than just dunking the plate into a glaze or two.

I not only paint a bug and some leaves (usually 4 glaze colors) then I coat them with clear glaze, then wax over the whole thing when it's dried, then do the rest of the plate.  That's definitely a few extra steps.

Well, I thought I'd taken some photos of the blue mugs as well as the purple ones.  But they fell into the pit of never-again-to-be-found-no-matter-where-you-thought-you-saved-them.

Must be a monster blue thing!

However, they were bundled into a tub to be shown at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market again, I hopped over to see them before they sold right out from under me.  Ha!  This is one pretty smart potter, who is notably absent-minded!

Blue and Monarch platter, 12.5 inches - $45

The brighter blue with whiter streaks is from putting clear glaze over Floating blue glaze.

Hand painted monarch design in Mayco glazes (Stroke and coat)

Grey-blue with darker blue rims, with indents on each side, Celtic cross thumb knob.  $20 each


  1. never would have thought of putting clear glaze over the floating blue to get the white streaks.

  2. Love the way the floating blue works with the clear over it. It's perfect with the butterflies.

  3. Love that plate with the Monarch!


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