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Monday, September 8, 2014

Three glaze combo still working

The above photo doesn't do the green's not quite that blue!

Love natural lighting...the casserole is at top ...a nice baking pan which has those pretty colors all around inside and out!

 I love to make crustless quiche...and this is getting to be the season for it.


  1. I like how the overlaps curve in the bowl, how about a recipe for crustless quiche

    1. Hi quiche is just like any other one...with whatever is in the fridge, so I seldom use a recipe. Leaving off the crust has been a habit for years...more cheesy goodness and less pastry...unless that's why you eat it.

  2. Pretty combo. I love the motion in the red to white blend.

    1. Thanks's such fun to always see how chemicals do whatever they choose, and give us surprises all the time in our "alchemy."


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