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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sponged glaze combo

In front is a glaze combo that I did a lot in the past.  This is probably only one of two pots that remain of this Matt Bronze Green with Amber glaze sponged together.  I love the variegated colors that embellish it.  Since the studio* no longer mixes amber glaze, I haven't been able to make any more of this glaze combo.

* I'm a member of the Clay Studio at Black Mountain Center for the Arts.


  1. I've never tried sponging but had dabbed dots with a brush with two different glazes, why not purchase a small commercial jar of amber glaze and try that if you like it

  2. It's a beauty! Hold on to the glaze recipe; you may be able to get back some day!

  3. Thanks Gary, Linda and Suzi...great comments! The last batch of amber we made at the studio somehow turned to an unstirable clod at the bottom...something definitely wrong there, and it tended to drip something awful anyway. We've got more glazes, but no amber at this time.


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