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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Saturday market life

I came home Saturday full of gratitude. Never in a million dreams did I think I'd be spending my summer Saturday mornings doing something like this after retirement!  If you'd asked me 10 years ago, I would have probably thought of doing something with grandkids. Or possibly volunteering for a library, or some civic organization.  I don't think at that time I'd even decided on the mountains to retire.  But now it's been almost 9 years, and I'm pretty settled into some good friendships in various organizations.

I always come home exhausted from the market.

But I'm glad I've made it through the morning.  It's hard work, the putting up and taking down and packing everything into cars.

My display Saturday June 4, 2016
The actual time selling is not hard. I enjoy meeting new people, and sharing hugs from old friends.  It would be better if we actually were making enough income from selling pottery.  It's a hit or miss affair, I must admit.

But I know I'm mainly pushing my physical endurance, stamina, whatever it may be.

And yes I do volunteer here and yon.  I've tried several spots which didn't fit, but I continue to work  with the Center for the Arts.  Next week there's a big Art in Bloom flurry, from a dinner and gallery exhibit to local garden tours, and I'll be in a garden.

I'll let you see some of the pretty blooms, of course, since I love to capture their beauty, and perhaps use it in glaze designs!


  1. That sort of thing is always tiring but you meet such nice people indeed :)

  2. An Art Show is just a day in the park, with hours of hard labor at each end. Like you I always enjoy the part in the middle.


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