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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quest for English Lavender

I've been looking for some lavender plants, well, I'd be happy with just one.
So no luck so far.
I dropped in the Roots & Fruits store, where a few starter veggies are still available.  Then I strolled through their garden.
 The chickens are on the other side of the dome.

I wonder what this bluish white flower is.

More pretty blue flowers, again of unknown name.

And there it is.  In case I questioned it being Lavender, I had to brush my hand along one flower, and oh, yes, I can still smell this wonderful fragrance!  But alas, none for sale.

So on I went on my quest.
I next tried the Town Hardware Store, and they had seeds of 2 kinds of Lavender.  I bought one, not knowing which one would do better.  Then I read that the seeds might take 60 days to germinate, and needed a cold treatment first.  Well, I am babying some of them in the refrigerator right now.  I plan to plant them later in the week.

I finally found some bean seeds, and they are planted behind the second tomato plant in 2 short rows.

The sunflowers are doing really well, and even a few have come up in the "pollinator attracting mix".  I don't know what else might be in that area, being wildflowers.  We shall see.

And I do have a little space beyond the beans for the Lavender plants which will be started here, then transplanted into pots for the winter.

My friend Pat has even offered me some bamboo poles to create climbing for the beans and tomatoes.  This little raised bed garden is going well. Except for the aloe which still looks like it's on it's last leg, but the new growth is nice looking anyway.


  1. I got the English lavender I've planted here in the vegetable section of Home Depot and Walmart and they are doing great.And since they made it through the winter I know they are the English variety as the intermediate variety is less cold tolerant.

  2. Oh man, I try to grow lavender but without success!

  3. I don't have much luck with lavender so stick with Australian native plants now. That tall light blue spike of a flower is a delphinium and the small bright blue flower is forget-me-not. Good luck with your lavender.


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