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Thursday, June 9, 2016

June blooms

Thursday night the Art in Bloom kick-off gala dinner will be held at Black Mountain Center for the Arts, here in Black Mountain, NC. The gallery will have 20 displays (Ikebana and Western style flower arrangements) of framed art and an arrangement that blends with the art's style.  The flower arrangements are just up until Saturday, and may be viewed separate from the other ticketed events for $5.


Then Friday and Saturday, local gardens (private, five homes) will be giving public access on the garden tour.  These aren't Biltmore gardens, but those of regular families who love to have beauty around their homes.  And the map is available with a tour ticket of $20 at the Center for the Arts.

Visit the web site HERE.

I'll be sitting in one of these gardens on Friday morning.  And did I mention each garden will have plein air artists painting the gardens during the tour, then their paintings will be in the gallery for the next month starting Monday.

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  1. Sometimes "regular" gardens are the best. Sounds like a great festival.


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