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Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice!

Here in the northern hemisphere it's considered the beginning of summer.  Excuse me?  It's the middle of summer folks!  We've had high temperatures for the last month, and even in May as well.

Our summer here in the mountains hasn't been as bad as it has been for the folks in the southwest.  We've only broken one heat record in Asheville, I think just 90 degrees one day last week.

This weekend had been very pleasant, with evening cool-offs and occasional showers.  That's proper summer weather here.
My potted plants receive "fish water" every week at least once.

It will still be this hot for another 3 months easily.  Summer is just beginning in many ways.

Schools let out a week ago, or maybe at the beginning of the month.  There are pools and lakes and streams with squealing children enjoying the splashing fun.

This is the parent sunflower which I grew last year.  I now have 6 of it's offspring in my raised bed garden.

second generation giant sunflower baby

Whatever you do on this longest day to celebrate, think for a few moments of your blessings, and dance at the bonfire of your dreams, even if only in your heart.


  1. I was watching for the time of sunrise at our house, first glow in the eastern sky a minute ago at 4:20, with a full moon too!

  2. Love the photographs. And delighted with the celebration of the Solstice.

  3. It sure did feel like summer last week! June seems to be flying by.

  4. Barbara -- Nice to hear you are having the same type of wonderful weather we are having. I don't know if I will dance by the bonfire tonight but have some good thoughts about my life going forward. May you too have good thoughts in accord with the Solstice! -- barbara -- like your geraniums too.


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