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Friday, June 3, 2016

Gone tomorrow or inspired!

Waited for 2 weeks, then they were open and 3 days later, falling to the ground!

Beauty sometimes just doesn't last.

I've been enjoying being a new member of a group over on Facebook, called Clay Buddies.  There are over a thousand members, and lots are new at working with clay.  There are also a lot of professional and studio potters.  I've been inspired by them.

One who inspired me is Stephanie Young of Calm Water Designs.

I don't carve like she does, but I'm thrilled to think about doing "Rookwood" and "Newcombe" styles of Art Nouveau.

Here's her site, in case you want to see more!

One of my early clay inspirations came from Adelaide Alsop Robineau, and I was thrilled to see that Young had made a vase as hommage to the Scarab Vase.   Young then offered it as an auction piece for the Everson Museum.

The original Scarab Vase.

Adelaid Alsop Robineau (for more info, here's a great article)

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