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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Black Eyed Susan smiles

Some small vases, just right for intimate dinner tables...well these are doing well, I think. (5 inches high, 4.5 inches across.)

A pitcher shape without a handle. But if you wish to pick it up, the little knobs of the black centers will help you hold easily onto this Black Eyed Susan pitcher!

A simple vase form with those little beads of black centers on the Susans.

Each of these new forms just came out of the kiln this week.  (I'll need to add them to my page "New Things!)

 I'm not currently doing Etsy, just email me if you're interested in either of these, I'm holding these back from the Tailgate Market at this time, but I'd love them to go to their forever home through the net.

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  1. I love the little knobs, my black eyed susans are now about 2 1/2 feet tall and will soon bloom. I like pottery vases, tumblers and pitchers with texture because they are easier to hold, especially for those with not so firm a grip or with arthritis or a handicap


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