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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Awe drat

There is something that I carry around in my back pocket all the time.  Bronchiectasis (See Wikepedia here.)

Tuesday I started coughing at around 2 pm.  I was doing whatever I usually do, being in a clay studio with other students. Then it go worse, so I left when I was disturbing others with frequent uncontrollable loud coughs.

A new rose with just line work and a gray background.

I kept doing what I usually do, just stayed away from other people as much as I could.
But by the time I didn't eat much for dinner, and tried to watch my news and Jeopardy, I suddenly had chills, and my fingers were shaking too much to hold the remote, or a book to read.
So under all the covers I went.  And I took some Tylenol.
An hour later the fever hadn't gone down, but the shakes were manageable.
I stayed under covers.
Three hours later more Tylenol because the fever was still there. Each time I inhaled I heard the bubbly noise of my lungs, and if I went for a deep breath it triggered coughing.

A coat of matt clear goes over the glaze work

This just hit me suddenly.  I then spent the night tossing and coughing and taking my temp whenever I felt like it.  My last one was around midnight and I said, what the heck...I'm either going to get better or not, but I'm tired of keep track of things.

So when I awoke this morning I was achey from all the coughing, all those muscles in my ribs are complaining.  And my throat is a bit sore.  But there's no more runny nose or coughs every 5 minutes, and I can inhale totally without creating a coughing spasm.  And of course no fever either.

But I called the doctor and am going in and getting antibiotics (probably).  I hate what they do to the rest of my system...but I sure know when a fever hits me like this, I had better do something about it.

Then I remember the first 20 years of my life I had no medicine.  I didn't even get vaccinated for polio.  Yep, I was one of those "excused for religious reasons."  I know I got sick often, and would sometimes still go to school, or perhaps go lie on the bed in the ladies room in the office where my mother worked (also at the same private school without any medical treatments.)

So I have shown all those germs a thing or two, by surviving this long.  Now I'll happily take the help of my doc! Though I have to be a work-in and wait a long time in the waiting room, but I think this is one time that my weaknesses are right there over the edge, waiting to pounce.

PS, the vase was dipped in Matt Bronze Green glaze after the painted area was waxed completely.  It's waiting for the next glaze kiln. The last one was full of disappointments.  I'll show you soon.


  1. Sorry at the disappointments and your health, sheesh! But this is one pretty vase in the making!

  2. Yes, going to the doc is a drag, but even worse is walking around with a respiratory infection. Toes crossed you are better soon. Years ago when I had to be on heavy duty antibiotics for a long period of time my doc said to buy a good acidophilus/probiotic and take one with each pill. It really helped with the upset stomach and other problems.
    Sit and enjoy the summer!

    1. Good info Suzi, I was wondering when I should start taking the probiotic. I feel much better a day after starting the antibiotics. It came and made me sick, then got better fast this time. No pneumonia.

  3. have you tried the wellness formula, it has herbs and vitamins and a natural antibiotic, goldenseal, we swear by it.

    1. What kind of thing is it? Vitimins? Tea? Manufactured by?

  4. I have a feeling you should have seen the doctor a bit sooner. My gastroenterologist says he once thought probiotics were "voodoo" medicine. Now he is firmly convinced that every adult should take a multi-culture probiotic every day. Our Lucy has a "sensitive" stomach and we even give her doggie probiotics. Glad you are on the mend.

    Love the vase.

    1. As I noted, I wasn't sick at all until the sudden coughing at 2 pm. I hadn't had much appetite, but had even felt so good the day before I didn't even cough at all all day long.

  5. Barbara -- Let me join in with some of your other commentators -- take a good probotic -- great for what ails you and even if you are not ailing -- still take it everyday. You will notice a difference in how you feel. Natural product too. take care -- barbara


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