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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What happened at the market

A big sigh of appreciation.

The Mud Buddies all were there this week.  We will only have 2 of our group there each week the rest of the summer, until just before Thanksgiving!
There were so many people who came to the first market this year!  It promises to be a big event in our little town, if this is any indication of the interest.

And yes, I got some of my favorites, some of which I've been missing, others that I've yearned for ever since I saw the list of what was going to be available!  Asparagus, locally and organically grown.  I ate it roasted for dinner Saturday night!  And I've got some lovely little herbs and flowers.  Transplanted them to my pots on Sunday afternoon.  I gobbled up the almond croissant about the time the market opened.  And drank the Dynamite coffee as well.

 Two rows of vendors made for a great selection.  Some of these vendors will only be there a week at a time, but many are there every week for 26-29 weeks.

The friends were out in abundance, and new ones were made as well.  We missed a few who have moved on to other towns and will not be getting their weekly food and hugs from us this year.

Items which I sold included:

Actually this one is still available, since my friend traded for the orange cat later in the week.


  1. the market is a fun place isn't it, so glad you're market was a success

    1. Thanks, Linda. Are you doing yours every week now too?

  2. What a great start to the season! Fresh asparagus, it doesn't get any better than that.


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