Tuesday, May 3, 2016

There go the trees!

April 23, 2016, a few leaves out on the tips of the branches, whether from bedroom (top photo) or living room.

April 26, and there are still some mountains through the branches!

This spring the Mourning Dove will not be the only one living in the treetops!

There's my balcony, and living room and bedroom windows! I've hastily removed the other pots from the railing and left Mama Dove the one in the middle where she's nesting.

As I mentioned on Facebook, he brought her twigs to build the next, but I haven't seen him for a few days, and she doesn't seem to leave at all, just shifts her view around.  I think the plant will probably not survive the nesting season without water, but it's a choice I readily make!  Baby birds!



  1. Can't wait for your future posts with baby birds!

  2. I wonder how long before they hatch!

  3. AH, I just googled mourning dove eggs...15 days. Of course I don't know when she laid them, so I'll look for 2 weeks from when she stopped leaving the nest!

  4. The dove is so happy where she is waiting for the babies to hatch.

  5. how lovely to have a bird nest in one of your pots... looking forward to the babies


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