Friday, May 6, 2016

Pottery just oozing along

Well, it's only oozing when I'm throwing it, and the water mixed with clay creates what we all loved to play with as kids...mud!

What happened to these after they were glazed and fired to cone 6?

 I thought anyone who loves cats like I do, should paint a few on some mugs.  So a tiger orange one is licking his paw under a tree on a very big mug.

The white cat looks a bit ghostly.

And the green-eyed black cat looks kind of brown.

The others haven't been glazed yet, so I'm waiting for inspiration!  Not for long, because I'm taking the cat mugs to the Tailgate this weekend.
Have you checked out the "What's New?" tab for more of my recent work? It's right below the header picture.


  1. All us potter folks are cat lovers too! Those won't last long at the market this weekend.

  2. Your shapes are done so well and your decorations are great too.


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