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Friday, May 20, 2016

Memories shared

Some of my favorite things from Long, Long Ago.
Newborn babies! (This is close to the Sepia Saturday meme this week)
Retiring to North Carolina (2007) where friend Rosie (on left) and her husband lived. Then they moved to Washington state!

Going back to college to finish my degree in art (and then grad school also!)

One of the men I almost married...

The thrill of takeoff, Pan American from Miami, FL (I'm second from r. front row)

Marcellus Williams (Sun Bear) visited Tallahassee and shared on Indian Mounds near Lake Jackson

Muffin, the furry one

Cat toes, those little pink ones in the white fur.
 And not so long ago, but every single day now...
Living in Black Mountain, photo by joye ardyn durham

I'm submitting this post to Sepia Saturday...because I can't figure out anything to say about their photo this week.  I've very little interest in baby beauty contests!   (Except my own beautiful babies, and my grandbabies! Of course!) But check over there to see what others have come up with.


  1. Your first photo with mother and baby is precious & fits the prompt just fine. The rest of the photos are interesting and the 'frosting on the cake' as it were.

  2. I echo La Night, a fine choice to begin with a baby and end with kittens and blueridge skies.

  3. I don't approve of baby beauty contests either, or contests of any kind really, so I went more with the lineup aspect of the prompt. Your mother and baby shot is beautiful.

  4. Such a touching photograph of mother and baby.

  5. Your first photo fits the theme and the tie-in to our furry babies (with fascinating fur toes) was nice.

  6. Memories are an interesting phenomenon. They zip and zag from one thing to another -- seemingly with no plan, but in the end a window to our hearts.

  7. Interesting and entertaining, a stroll, moments in life.

  8. A veritable treasure box you opened for us there. Those of us who have nuzzled a newborn like that know exactly how that felt; there’s nothing quite like it.


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