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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Tuesday of the month

These months with 31 days just get to me.  Why oh why is May so darn long?
OK, let's look at it another way.  Look, May is still here!

I thought up a new calendar system.  Why do we have to follow such an archaic one, with names of gods from ancient mythology, and a seven day week, where people in most of today's world work 5 on and 2 off?
Shelly and Baxter at the Tailgate

Us retired people don't think in those terms on a daily basis quite as much.  Monday is no longer the drudge it once was, and taking day trips during the week means avoiding the tourist traffic on weekends.

So why not have weeks of 10 days each? That's the way us humans have been counting many things forever...on our fingers and thumbs.  Actually the solar year of 365 days works well with 30 weeks of 10 days, and one of 5 days.  The leap year could still be added every 4 years too.

Months? Well, I'd sure even them out so there isn't the silly 28 day one, and those with 31 days.
Any ideas?  I haven't thought that far yet.

I get these crazy inspirations when in the dentist chair getting drilled.  It's something to do with the horrible vibrations of that drill.  I swear he had one that was synched to a vibration that drove me bonkers.

The other thought I came up with was to write a letter to my future self...say to be opened in 10 years (should I live so long.) I think it would be interesting for anyone to read how this May 2016 is full of such craziness, from politics to legal bathroom useage.  I can coin a new term for this interest... genitalmania. 

Outside the office at Blue Ridge Apartments


  1. How about 5 day weeks, everybody is a potter like me and works every day because they love it? :)

  2. Crazy times indeed!
    I sometimes wonder what I would have put in a letter to myself over the decades!


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