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Friday, May 6, 2016

Fences make good...

I look through my old photos and find some bridge railings and fences...

Before being repaired, a wooden bridge over a local creek.  It's sort of like a fence.
Picture a man leaning on a fence, holding a lamb, and a shepherd's crook in the other hand, with a sheep dog patiently lying and waiting in the distance. Then come up with something in your collection of photos which will link to this meme...HERE at Sepia Saturday.

Flat Creek itself below the now repaired footbridge.

The same bridge in wintertime.

Another fence in my neighborhood.  Here I look over the Blue Ridge Parkway down toward Burnett Reservoir, the source of all water in the Asheville watershed.

Another wooden bridge, this time over the spillway flowing out of Lake Tomahawk.  Also a purple orb floating over the picture!

Lake Tomahawk as it flows into its spillway.

A small animal with soft fur, my cat when she first came to live with me, Panther (or Painter) back in
2011.  She may not be a little lamb, but is about the right size.  And believe me she sheds enough fur in the spring that I wish I could gather it and knit some sweaters from it!

See you back here on Sunday, because I'm off to the Tailgate Market in Black Mountain for Saturday morning.  Hope it isn't as cold as the forecast says it will be!  And I'm wishing the Mud Buddies sell lots of our pottery!


  1. What absolutely stunning countryside!

  2. Best wishes on the sale and thanks for the tour!

  3. have a great sale, it is amazing how much fur a small cat can have to shed, I like that curvy wooden bridge

  4. Love the first two shots of the bridge/railing; first in spring or fall, then in winter. I often forget the amazing shifts in scenery nature provides!

  5. I lve the look of snow-topped fences - we don't see then very often here in Australa!

  6. You are surrounded by such beauty!

  7. I agree with Dara; stunning countryside and Painter (or Panther) is gorgeous!

  8. I love that first little rustic bridge over Flat Creek. So glad they kept the rustic'ness to it when it was repaired. The winter picture of it with snow is especially pretty.

  9. Thanks so much to y'all! Our sales at the market were good today!

  10. What a creative take on the prompt and I really like the snow-laden fence.

  11. Beautiful countryside and a fine collection of fences.


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