Friday, May 13, 2016

A pot is for plants

A big blue-ridge-mountains pot for the succulents next to my spirit house. I just thinned out the kalanchoe and the aloe.

One of the little off round planters with new basil transplanted. The plate is a seconds.

A new kind of geranium, with such pretty leaves, in another altered slab pot, with another seconds plate beneath it.

My gangly wintered-over geranium transplanted into a matte bronze green altered slab pot.

The wishing well has a baby may not have enough dirt, and it wasn't designed to hold a plant (so it may not stay there.)  Perhaps a succulent would do better.

A promising petunia in my friend Blair's pot.  Stand is a way I decided to have more height with plants.

The view out my door from the kitchen. My ever-lovin' gardenia which just keeps on surviving. (a plastic planter so I can carry it inside for the winter)

My little front porch welcomes any visitors.


  1. The basil in the wishing well is a great idea! You should make some deep enough for plants.

    1. Good's all an evolving process!

  2. oh your potted plants are so wonderful, how many holes do you put in the bottoms? and fresh basil to pick a real treat,

    1. Hi Linda, I think most round pots have one hole, but the big square one has 4. I usually place a shard over them.


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