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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A painting from the past

 I was most taken by this picture inside the Hilliard home in Michigan, which just gives such a great glimpse into the lives of the occupants.  I may not know what the two tubes are leaning next to the piano, but my eye was caught by the painting above them.

The photo I'm working from is a photo of a page of a photo album, taken several decades ago. The one I'm interested in is the lower middle photo.

I don't think any of those people are related to my sons' father.
This painting is probably still in the family of my ex-husband.  It was hanging in the guest bedroom the first time I visited and met his parents.  I don't remember the story behind it.  Perhaps his mother painted it, or was the model, or one of her relatives.  It's done in lovely pastel colors, mainly blues and a bit of pink, if I remember correctly.  It reminded me of Whistler's work.  Probably because of a long gowned young woman holding a fan!

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Sepia Saturday suggestion for this week is...HERE
I see some printing happening.

I wondered if I have any photos the prints I made in Art School? Not likely.
I do have a few in a box somewhere at the back of a closet...waiting till I get famous.  Right.


  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the tubes was fly rod holders.

  2. What a wonderful interior and an intriguing glimpse at a family's life. (I think those 'tubes' are the back posts of a rocking chair in the foreground.)

    1. Vicki, I just went back for a closer look and I think you are right!

  3. I think the two tubes you're looking at are part of the chair back? I also have a print in my house of a young girl at a piano with a woman watching her that fascinates me even though I know they're not related to my family. Funny how certain things catch your fancy.

  4. It's funny how paintings can evoke strong memories! And, by the way, those tubes may be fishing rod carriers!

  5. Love the tennis racket. Is that a glimpse of an overturned chair in the adjacent room. Wonderful rich photo.

  6. Like you, I've often been struck by SOMETHING - an object, a picture - and years later find myself thinking about it and wondering whatever became of it.

  7. I think those tubes might be part of a vacuum cleaner sitting on the floor? Not sure. I like the way you compared Whistler's painting with the one found on the photo album page.

  8. I believe Jodi has it - they look like the dining chair back - seen from the side. It’s a wonderfully detailed pictured and that painting must have had a charm all of its own.

  9. Well that's a fun interior and yes, the tubes do make you wonder. But I agree with others, chair back. Would certainly be nice to see that painting.

  10. What a great photo. So interesting and yes, you feel, the occupants are just out of sight, going about their business.

  11. I was impressed by the detail that you got in the enlargement of the picture on the wall. A rather hauntingly beautiful picture.


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