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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yes, that springiness is here

Not the best lighting...I've learned from experience full sun makes the whites and yellows go into a shocking lack of detail.
So I'll try to do a darkening edit...
There really just isn't much detail which the camera captured in those luscious yellow centers.  I'm waiting for a cloudy day! There will be one coming soon I'm sure.


  1. The weather has been fabulous! Everything is blooming around here. We will be leafed out before too long.

  2. Love the forsythia against the red brick!

  3. Spring has blossomed downtown but not so much up here. I had to buy daffodils at the grocery story. But they are giving me great pleasure. And I clipped some forsythia branches to open inside.

  4. You are a few weeks ahead of us, can't wait to see those flowers up here!


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