Thursday, March 24, 2016

Those little vases

Remember my nuevo primitive vases?  (See this blog post for another example)
Here are a couple from the latest batch.

(From the right of photo above.)
(From the left side of first photo)
The red is Mayco Stroke and Coat. Which is then waxed when I wax the bottom of the vase.  Dipped once in celadon (studio glaze).  The very top edge is then dipped into plum (studio glaze).

Clay is a recycled mix, primarily speckled brownstone.  All fired cone 5-6.  These today are completely hand crafted without using the extruder for any parts...though I do admit to rolling the pieces of slab through a slab roller!  I make a slab and then tear pieces off of it, and then adhere them to the base, building up of course until the desired height is reached.


  1. Well done. The red button bring them to the next level!

  2. Oh I forgot to mention smoothing the insides as I go means I don't score and slip any of the connections, except the bottom row of coil to the base.


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