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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Oestra (Spring Equinox)

Though the temperature was in the 80's on St. Patty's day, my purple shamrocks closed up like umbrellas in the north wind on my front you can barely tell their pretty shamrock shaped leaves at all!
They were happy to come back inside...for a month or so!

What a pretty bed of blue (Periwinkle?) outside the library.  And since they were in partial shade, they didn't bleach away but remained blue to the camera.  If you know what this ground-cover blue plant is, please let me know!

And a beautiful Bradford Pear tree is on the side of our parking lot, already giving beauty to us all.  It will festoon the cars under it with some petals soon as well.  Due to be below freezing tonight and maybe tomorrow night.  I hope it is enjoyed before the blossoms fade.

Ostara (1884) by Johannes Gehrts. The goddess flies through the heavens surrounded by Roman-inspired putti, beams of light, and animals. Germanic people look up at the goddess from the realm below. Source: Wikipedia


  1. You are so lucky--it is 15-20 degrees here now, not exactly flower weather at the moment!

  2. It's called vinca, also called periwinkle and a host of other names. Mine is just beginning to bloom along with daffodils and crocuses (croci?) None of the trees are flowering yet, which is a good thing considering that there is supposed to be a nor'easter headed our way!

    A joyful OESTRA to you!

    1. I couldn't find periwinkle or vinca under "blue flowers" anywhere, but it sure did look like it to me. Someone perhaps fiddled with it's DNA.

  3. lovely flowers, we are expecting a freeze tonight and my peach already bloomed out. I will try to cover it with a sheet but it may rain over that, ugh

  4. Happy Spring! I love the picture of Ostara! I too am going to be scurrying to cover what I can . . .

  5. Nice collection of photos today, Barbara!!


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