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Monday, March 7, 2016

From the other side of the valley

The Swannanoa River and walking path both pass under the bridge of the Interstate on the right behind the vine covered tree.
 I enjoyed watching clouds tickle the tops of the Seven Sisters Mountains the other day.  I was parked across the Swannanoa Valley, actually looking for my apartment.  Up hill behind me was the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly campus, including the administration building which I can see from my windows. (I gave some pictures of it a couple of days ago).

There are community gardens (out of sight to the right) and a walking trail which goes along the Swannanoa River under Interstate-40.

In winter we see the houses perched on the sides of slopes, which will be invisible once leaves come back out.
But did I find my apartment complex?  No.  I think it's off to the left a bit, since Blue Ridge Road curves around a bit.  The bottom of the valley is where 2 major roads, an active railroad track, and the Swannanoa River run. 

Quote for Today:

It began in mystery and it will end in mystery, but what a rare and beautiful country lies in between.
Diane Ackerman

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  1. I like that vine covered tree, yesterday we were driving along and their were clouds that looked like the tops of a snow covered mountain range.


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