Friday, March 25, 2016

Black Matte Glaze

Another of my small vases formed with torn slabs and coils, but the black glaze kind of hides how it was made!

This second black vase only has one red button.  And a bit of another glaze was added around the rim, flowing with some misty greys.

The black glaze was a bit too thick on this vase, covering some of the decorations, and adding a drip to the kiln shelf.  A bit of another glaze on the top rim did give some drippy fog against the black.  But my biggest surprise was that this vase shrunk so much...much more than 15% that I usually expect.  From a 7" height it now is only 4.5 inches.


  1. I like the band of little red dots on the first vase.
    That is a lot shrinkage, what clay are you using? The stoneware I use is about 12%


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